Veritas Florida

New Student Enrollment



1.) As you complete the application, please carefully read each question and use the scroll bars OR your 'Tab' button to advance to the next question. You will notice two scroll bars to the right - one within the application and one associated with the web page. You may have to use both scroll bars in tandem to complete the form.

2.) After your digital signature, click 'Submit' and scroll to the top of the page to advance to the Pay Registration Fee page OR, if you have another student you wish to enroll, hit the link to 'submit another response.'

3.) Applications will not be considered until the corresponding registration fee is received.

4.) PHONE USERS: Before completing this form, scroll to the bottom to see if you can see the 'Submit' button. If you do not, you may have to click the 'view desktop version' to complete and submit the form.

Click HERE for Registration Fee Payment Information.

We accept applications and place accepted students into class throughout the school year, not just in the fall.

Veritas Florida 2019-20 Student Enrollment Application