Children thrive academically when presented with just the right amount of structure in their school day. Veritas Florida partners with parents to provide structure through a once-a-week traditional classroom setting as well as a detailed weekly Assignment Sheet.  Our classroom enables students to experience robust peer interaction led by an experienced Christian teacher who has a college degree. Teachers passionately deliver our curriculum and engage students in lively discussions on humanities subjects throughout the five-hour day. Then, students receive an Assignment sheet which clearly lays out the work to be done over the next week at home. Students work with parents at home throughout the week.



Each week, our teachers provide students with an array of assignments checked for completion, quizzes, and tests. Our parents find that teachers bring many benefits to their home education experience. Simply having a like-minded partner who is outside the home provides a welcome source of encouragement which ensures academic work gets completed in a timely manner. Parents and teachers work together to encourage, support and challenge students to do their best work and strive for excellence. The parent-teacher partnership helps students learn how to discipline themselves to focus upon and complete their assignments on time and with a high degree of quality.


Our curriculum is a custom-tailored blend of classic novels and well-respected history, grammar, and logic text books. Annually, we ask the very people who teach our curriculum to review it and provide insight and feedback about each text book, novel, and handout we use. We take great care to ensure that our mission is complemented - not compromised - by our selection of books and materials.  Each grade's curriculum is quite rigorous and appropriately challenges students to schedule their time and energies to complete their weekly assignment. Veritas Florida incorporates a Classical approach, biblical perspective and worldview, Socratic seminar style, and Charlotte Mason methods throughout its curriculum.

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Our Purpose

As part of the Veritas Classical Schools family, Veritas Florida serves home school families by providing the tools necessary to develop students who are thinkers, young men and women who do not simply 'regurgitate' the information they have been fed but rather who analyze, critique, and affect the world by applying Biblical wisdom to their lives, families and communities.